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gazing vacantly into the distance without really thinking about anything specific

ferrissian gaze

looking at a futuristic cosmopolitan view that evokes feelings of strength and positivity

guest view

the best possible view from your apartment


a view of the city from a high vantage point within that city

lazy view

the view you see in the corner of your eye while watching a movie at home


a new skyscraper that is being developed too close to you

throne view

the view while sitting on the toilet

tian di

the balance between two types of space that at first glance seem opposite to each other but are in fact complementary and interchangeable

tub view

a view of the city while relaxing in a nice hot bath

urban stare

being absorbed by the view

wake-up view

the view you see when you’re lying in bed


the view of the city you see after opening the front door