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when gentrification has made a city safer, but also more boring and predictable


the amount of cityness divided by the local cost of living

city maker

a skyscraper that adds to a big-city feeling


a proper city


the culture of choice

haute culture

the context in which the densely built environment and the urban vibrancy represent and influence our behavior


the tension field created by the rationality of the city block and the chaos of rapid construction and change


a huge and bustling city

skyscraper plodding

when there are too many tourists around that will keep you from dancing your way through the crowd, even though you’re a skilled skyscraper dancer

skyscraper walking

dancing your way through the crowd in a busy city

urban density

the population density of an urbanized area

urban intensity

the hustle and bustle of a city

urban manure

the cracks and crevices of the city where uncommon desires are fulfilled, and new ideas can sprout


suavity, courteousness, and refinement of manner


the state or condition of being urban


an awareness of being in an urban environment and acting accordingly

vertical discovery

the variations, juxtapositions, and all the little details that become visible when you zoom in and out on the dense urban space around you